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Either time has changed how I look at movies (entirely possible) OR the fact that I watched TLB in four sittings has made me change. James Taylor and Dennis Wilson play two nameless and. 5069 Posts. Two-Lane Blacktop, a film starring James Taylor, Warren Oates, Dennis Wilson, and Laurie Bird in a terse, atmospheric cross-country car race, was one of mine. Monday Editor;s Pick: Two-Lane Blacktop (1971)7:00 at Anthology Film Archives [Program & Tix] Have to phone in today;s round-up, but Kent Jones is so good you don;t need anyone else. From the 24th-30th April, American Graffiti and Two-Lane Blacktop will screen. by Jeremy G. Download Two-Lane Blacktop.THE MAN WHO SAVED THE ART UNTIL THE MAN WHO SAVED THE ART. Ahead of his appearance in my neighborhood (well near Miami: Miami Beach), film director Monte Hellman agreed to a short chat over the phone to connect what is probably his most notable work, 1971;s Two-Lane Blacktop,. Start a New Thread. Cult filmmaker Monte Hellman talks about ;Two-Lane Blacktop; and. Five really great movies about cars"Two-Lane Blacktop" (1971): A languid, existential journey rather than a heart-pounding adventure, and that;s what makes director Monte Hellman;s film so fascinating. "Two-Lane Blacktop" Movie Car Coming to the Holley NHRA National. American Graffiti and Two-Lane Blacktop @ The Astor Theatreby Glenn Dunks The Astor Theatre, which recently celebrated its 75th birthday, is known for its double features of new and classic movies. . Hellman;s cult classic road movie follows a vacant driver (James Taylor) and his equally blank passenger-seat sidekick (Dennis Wilson) as they meander about the country, looking to make some cash from drag-racing their souped-up 1955 Chevy.. In Two-Lane Blacktop, two long-haired. ;Two-Lane Blacktop; and ;American Graffiti; screenings | The ThousandsIt;s the odd couple of New Hollywood drag racing films. Interview with Monte Hellman : Movie MikesThis will mark his first feature film in over 20 years. Like Vanishing Point, the cinematography is stark and the

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